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Akademie für Suffizienz (Academy for Sufficiency)

Added on :  22-Jul-2015
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The film

This short documentary film traces an interesting journey to the German village Reckenthin where Akademie für Suffizienz (Academy for Sufficiency) is located. Its mission is to provide a practice ground for sustainable economic exchange. Its physical base is an abandoned farm which is being developed since 2008.

Director: Masa Hilcisin
Cameraman: Cazim Dervisevic
Editor: Masa Hilcisin
Year of production: 2014 (raddox studio)
Countries of production: Czech Republic, Germany

The author

Masa Hilcisin is a documentary filmmaker from Bosnia currently living in Prague. She has been involved in a number of cultural and film projects in the region of former Yugoslavia. Her interests include documentary film with emphasis on social issues and different aspects of violation of human rights. Her documentary films have been screened at various film festivals around the world including International LGBTI Film Festival in Mumbai, Frameline in San Francisco, Berlinale in Berlin, MIX in NYC, International Women’s Film Festival Dortmund|Cologne, Filmmor in Istanbul, Viscult in Joensuu, Festival of Visual Culture in Tartu, Beijing Queer Film Festival, Rdece Zore in Ljubljana, Femfest in Zagreb, EcoVision in Palermo, and others. She holds a Ph.D. in Film Studies and Audiovisual Culture from the Masaryk University.

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