Peerformer easy moviemaking

A community for who loves and makes Cinema. An instrument that offers services and opportunities.

Filmmaking has never been so easy.




Finance your project step by step. Script, shooting, editing: choose how to start.



The bulletin board where operators describe themselves to find a job, meet and collaborate.



Double chance. Distribute your work and compete in our Peerformer Fest.



Peerformer future moviemaking

Ideas, work, stories, growth, partnerships and dreams that becomes Cinema.





Experts from all over the world always to keep pace with innovation



Filmmakers, actors or mere fans. The Networks to talk to the whole Community.



Technicians, tasks, tools for shooting and editing. Everything for your needs.

Peerformer easy moviemaking


Peerformer is the Community of people who love and make the Cinema. Peerformer offers services and opportunities to all of you.